There is a picturesque image of our village,  nestling against the pine crowned rocky peak of which the well-known "Roche Aiguille" is just a part.  Inside, the concentric little streets of the centre hide many surprises : archways, little squares, fountains, aqueducts, one after another, leaving visitors with the image of a lively village endowed with a colourful past.

But the attractions of our commune don’t end there. You must explore its surrounding Provençal landscape, from the gates of the Verdon to the alpine foothills, to get the full measure of its contrasts.  From the beautiful field of "Notre Dame de Speluque" to the majestic gorges of the river Nartuby, from the dry Marcoux maquis to the intimacy and cool of the fountain at Lentier, there is plenty to choose from.

Living in Ampus, you take advantage of this exceptional setting, just a stone’s throw from Draguignan and the mediterranean beaches of the Var, and the excellent public services, not to mention the excellent local produce and specialities which can be bought straight from the producers.  There’s also a great range of leisure pursuits for you to follow.  When all is said and done you will be living in the heart of an area where quality of life goes hand in hand with authenticity, the Var.



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Mairie d'Ampus

Place de la Mairie

83 111 AMPUS

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