Things to see

Néolithic :
Marenq Dolmen  
Mourjaï menhir

Celto ligurian period :
Three forts including Englugi a town in its day

Gallo-roman period :
Remains of the Aurelian way which linked Fréjus and Riez, easily seen between Olves and Sainte-Anne (4)

Middle Age :
- Notre-Dame de Spéluque

  and St-Michl church (10), 12th and 15th century priories of Saint-Honorat (Lérins)

Ruins of the village of Reynier (6) demolished during the Wars of Religion.

Other curiosities :
The bee wall  a stone wall with cavities for cork bee-hives,
- The dovecote of "Moulin Vieux"
- The ice-house at the Ratton bridge
- The chapels of St Roch and Eglisonne
- The Stations of the Cross ,
- The dry-stone hut at Aby and "la Bastide Neuve"  .